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Famous supplier of modular houses in China

Modular buildings are a broad class of prefabricated buildings, modular buildings are made up of movable sections known as modules and other factory-made components. Modular buildings are also known as prefab buildings, prefabricated buildings or pre-engineered buildings.


The modular houses also called portable dwell house is a new concept environmentally-friendly and economical mobile house with light steel as the framework, sandwich panel as the enclosure material, space combination with standard modulus series, and bolt connection. It can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, realizes the general standardization of temporary buildings, and establishes the construction concept of environmental protection, energy saving, fast and efficient, and makes temporary houses enter a series of development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and availability. The field of stereotyped products used for many times of turnover.


KXD provided us with one complete service- from first draft to delivery of the entire steel solution, and also made it in time. 

KXD played a key role thanks to their speed, know-how, technical support, and last but not least their flair for architectural challenges. 

Advantages of mobile room building 

High safety performance

The prefabricated house is a new type of light-steel keel and composite sandwich panel house, with a reasonable combination of material and steel structure. Can achieve very good safety

Full effect, the specific data is the resistance of strong earthquakes of magnitude 7 or above and typhoons of magnitude 12, which is difficult for ordinary houses. Therefore, it is widely used in some earthquake-stricken areas, such as Wenchuan and Japan.

Low price

The cost of the prefab portable house is low. Due to some characteristics of the mobile house, compared with some brick houses, its cost is very low, and it can be recycled, and the service life is relatively strong. According to statistics, generally one The reusable frequency of the mobile house is more than six times, and from these data we can better understand that the comprehensive cost of the mobile house is relatively low.

Short construction period and fast speed

In addition, the construction speed of a mobile house is very fast. Generally speaking, an installation team can install more than 500 square meters a week. This is hard to imagine in the field of traditional construction, and such a building does not produce construction waste. This is undoubtedly a good protection for the environment, which is in line with current needs.