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KXD Steel fabricates primary and secondary steel members and roof & wall cladding system for prefabricated steel building over 20 years. Annual production capacity can reach 100,000 tons with the popular of pre-engineered steel building in home and abroad market. 



Riveting and welding of steel structure, inspection need to be made in the middle course

Welding workmanship:

1. Full penetration welding.

2. Semi-permeable welding.

3. SAW automatic D submerged arc welding.

4. Continuous fillet weld.

5. AWS D1.5 American bridge steel structure welding standard.

6. AWS D1.1 steel structure welding standard work, AU/NZS4400 GB standard 

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Internal administration Q/A & welding and processing quality inspection personnel with theodolite/total station and the latest 3D modeling and measuring equipment. Set up and X-ray inspection and ultrasound inspection. Give our customers confidence in the on-site installation. The quality inspector also inspects the weld seam, paint inspection, on-site installation and NDT inspection.

Steel Surface Treatment 

The volume of our largest galvanizing furnace: L15000 * W 2000 * 3000 (H) can be used for hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment of the entire steel structure.

1. Standards: JIS, DIN, ASTM B695-2000, AU/NZS 4680, BS EN ISO 1461-2009 ASTM A123

2. Hot-dip galvanizing: the best way to solve the anti-corrosion of the steel structure surface.

Sandblasting SA2.5 level

After the steel components pass the inspection, each component is marked with a steel seal code and sandblasted.

The blasting grade should meet the standard ISO55900 Sa2.5

Paint coating:

1. Primer coating, epoxy zinc-rich primer, DFT dry film thickness is about 80um

2. Intermediate paint, epoxy mica intermediate paint, two coats, DFT is about 125um

3. Finished surface coating, polyurethane surface coating, DFT is 75um

Or paint according to customer requirements.

Steel Structure Packaging:

Some professional solutions will be provided for your reference

1. Open top container

If you don't want to scaffold and have no unloading of heavy cranes for your country, open top containers are recommended.

2. Steel structure bracket:

The steel frame will be bound and secured by straps. Wood and foam paper will be placed on them to avoid damage

3. Accurate mark

The serial number of each component will be marked and a component list and detailed drawings will also be provided to save assembly time.

4. Wooden box

The components will be packed with wooden boxes of plastic paper.

5. The embedded part of plastic paper will be wrapped in plastic paper and placed on the wooden bracket.

6. Bulk Carrier

If the product is too large, we suggest a bulk carrier to serve you.

7. Heavy steel structure for packaging bulk cargo

We will develop your heavy machinery packaging solution.

8. Custom packaging

Custom packages will also be welcome.

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If your company or consultant or owner needs to visit our factory, please call us and we will arrange a warm reception. Looking forward to your visit.