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Current position:

KXD Steel has professional designers, engineers and other personnel, forming a strong technical design team that can develop and design various prefabricated houses. Most of them have more than decades of work experience and are familiar with the steel structure design industry and national standards. The company uses advanced design drawing software to draw blueprint designs, perspective drawings, construction drawings and detailed drawings to meet the needs of different customers. At present, we design and produce a large number of steel structure projects, and have won high recognition and praise from customers at home and abroad

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Our Jobs are as below, 

Strict quality control of steel structure manufacturing process:

Technical meeting before the start of construction clarification and training of quality, safety, craftsmanship and technology:

Technical preparation:

1 To be familiar with contracts, drawings and related specifications and requirements, and keep records.

2 Cooperate closely with the owner, general contractor, and on-site manufacturing supervisors to do a good job

3 Prepare professional plans and operation instructions, and make sure do a good job of safety, technology, quality process control clarification work.

4 Carry out necessary process test, prepare raw material procurement plans, and material acceptance and re-inspection work.

5 Make preparations for on-site auxiliary materials, equipment, and labor planning.

6 Reasonably and fully utilize the work site, and arrange the floor plan of the work site scientifically and reasonably.

Detailed construction drawings and detailed design:

1 According to the British steel structure BS5950-2 "Code of Practice for the structural use of steel BS EN 1990: 2002" specification BS EN 5950-1, the customer provides technical documents such as drawings, technical requirements, technical clarifications, and drawing review minutes, And the actual situation of the project to refine the steel structure production drawings.

2 The detailed design drawing can only be made after confirmation by the customer's project engineer. Design software: SAP2000, AUTO CAD, PKPM, RSTAB, PROE, MTS, Tekla structure (XSTEEL), 3D3S, TARCH.

3 Necessary process tests should be carried out for each key process and special process, such as welding process qualification, etc.