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Installation guidance service

Steel structure prefabricated buildings belong to large-scale installation projects. If the customer requires our company to appoint project technicians to go abroad for installation guidance, the customer needs to provide the following services:

Clients need to hire translators or on-site assistants at the project site

Customers need to bear the following expenses for professional and technical personnel going abroad:

1. Visa fee

2. The round-trip air ticket includes the insurance cost during the period

3. Ground pick-up service after arriving at the destination airport

4. Provide accommodation

5. Provide meals (three meals a day)

6. Internet conditions

7. The installer’s salary and expenses need to be borne by the customer, and the specific cost shall be settled through negotiation between the customer and the company

8. Customers are obliged to provide corresponding safety guarantees to protect the personal safety of our installation instructors, especially in turbulent countries.

The Requirements for Erection Team 

Installation workers need to pay attention to your own personal safety locally, increase risk awareness, strengthen self-prevention, pay attention to traffic safety, and must not engage in any violation of local laws, regulations and religious traditions, respect local religions, ethnic customs, and no discrimination. In case of an accident or emergency, please contact the local police or the Chinese embassy in time for help.

When installing on-site, the dispatched personnel, based on the principle of friendly cooperation with customers, have the responsibility and obligation to assist the installation personnel on the site to solve the on-site construction problems. In the event of a major problem, which cannot be resolved locally at the time, it is the responsibility to report the on-site situation to the company in time, and the company negotiates with the customer to reach a solution.

All expatriates should consider the interests of the company and the long-term cooperation between the two parties. They must not damage the image of the company and the country with their personal behavior, and pay attention to the image of personal professional ethics.

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