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At KXD Steel modular workforce camps services, we value the value that our team of dedicated professionals brings to each of our global customers. Our goal is to deliver high quality and reliable products and services. Our more than 250 skilled employees work with clients to understand their needs and challenges.


KXD Steel Construction Workers Camps have solid expertise in timely delivery of mission critical and turnkey projects, and have solidified the company's position as the world leader in industrial housing. The company works with clients by aligning its products and services to work for the customer's specific project, tight schedule and goals. KXD Steel offers a wide range of construction site camps based on prefabricated and containerized production systems


• Construction accommodation camps

• Defense & Military Labor Camp

• Mining and gold labor camp

• Labor camp for oil and gas workers


See examples of how KXD Steel Construction Camps Housing Services provides industrial solutions to customers in the oil and gas, energy and mining industries in different parts of the world. We have unsurpassed experience in this field, from mining camps in the South African Senegal goldfields and thousands of meters above the Mediterranean level in Libya, oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan, Iraq and Algeria to major construction projects in the US and Qatar. We are there, working with our clients and managing their projects from the planning stage to the time we bring the buildings to the site on time and within budget.

Superior Prefabricated Steel Building for Your Demand 


● Free span up to 60 m and various sidewall heights

● Flat or roof pitch of 10° or 22° or multi-roof. 

● Aesthetic integration of office rooms to maximize space

● Easy integration of mezzanines, crane bridges, solar panels

● Climate control thanks to different types of insulation sandwich panel

● Short time erection and seismic resistance 

● Various solutions to allow natural light inside your building

● Easy relocation, extension and adaptation

The construction of steel structure workshop (also called steel hall) is mainly divided into the following parts:

Embedded parts to stabilize the structure of the complete plant

Columns as primary steel members are generally H section welded steel coating with epoxy or alkyds paint for corrosion resistance 

For beams as primary steel members, generally H section welded steel are used. The height of the middle ridge is determined according to the span of the beam. 

Purlin as secondary steel members: C-shaped galvanized steel and Z-shaped galvanized steel are generally used.

Supports and braces are usually round steel coating anti-corrosion paint.

Roof and wall cladding system. The first one is a single separate tile (PPGI tile) without insulation layer. The second type is sandwich composite panel.  Polyurethane, glass wool, rock wool and EPS are sandwiched between the two layers of color-coated metal sheet to play the role of warming in winter and cooling in summer, and also has the effect of sound insulation and fire prevention. 

The main advantages of steel structure workshop are:

Light weight, high strength and large span:                 

Although the density of steel is higher than other building materials, its strength is very high. Under the same force, the steel structure has a small dead weight and can be made into a structure with a larger span.

Short construction time:                  

the structural parts of the plant are mainly produced in the factory and prefabricated, and then installed on the site. The erected work is convenient and the construction is convenient.

High fire resistance: 

When the surface temperature of the steel is within 150℃, its strength changes little. When the temperature exceeds 150℃, its strength decreases significantly. Generally, fire retardant coatings are applied to the surface of steel structures to form a protective film to increase the fire resistance limit of the components. Of course, the reasonable division of fire compartments and the use of fire shutters are also very important.

Sound insulation and heat preservation:                  

Fill the metal roof with sound insulation material (usually glass wool, EPS, rock wool, polyurethane), or add heat insulation reflective paint on the metal tile surface.

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