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Pre Engineered Buildings are consist of different steel structural member which are as follows

● Primary Frame: 

Primary framing of a PEB is an assembly of builtup I-Shaped steel members & that framing consist trusses or castellated beams etc.

● Secondary Structural Elements:

It is actually Cold Formed Members, which can be in diff. shapes like “Z”, “C” etc. In general known as “Purlins”.

● Roof & Wall Panels : 

Tin shades & Curtain Wall made of Glass & Roll-formed steel sheets usually comes in this category 

● Sandwich Panels:

Sandwich Panel is made of three layers , both surface is galvanized steel, core material is glass wool, rock wool, EPS, Polyurethane short as PU panel 

● Other Accessories:

Mezzanine floors, Bolts, Insulation, etc.


KXD provided us with one complete service- from first draft to delivery of the entire steel solution, and also made it in time. 

KXD played a key role thanks to their speed, know-how, technical support, and last but not least their flair for architectural challenges. 

Reasons for working with KXD steel 


KXD steel is one leader in pre-engineered steel buildings, function as industrial application. In our past more than 20 years, we have built more than 30,000 buildings in China and overseas mostly as turnkey solutions. 


KXD steel provides the complete set of bespoke pre-engineered buildings. We produce primary steel structure members like H welded section steel columns, second steel structure members like C / Z section purlins and wall & rood cladding system, including glass wool, rock wool, EPS, Polyurethane ( PUR/PIR ) panel with double surface PPGI or S.S. Our professional team of R&D specialists continuously work on the innovative building solutions, approvals by international standard. 


Quality is as our core culture to work with all partners. From planning production to the final erecting assembly, our all employees are fully committed to customer satisfaction. We insist on quality control systems like Zero-defect strategy, 6S management, erection assembly quality control. 

Integrity House Supply

KXD supply not only steel structure building construction also complete decoration to meet customer demand. Except for building, we also do jobs to reach one stop supply for customers washing room system, kitchen system, floor slab system, wall and roof decoration system

Turnkey Service

We produce and dispatch all material from the factories located at Qingdao, China. Our certified builders can assure turnkey erection construction and future maintenance of a finished building. Once no certified builder is in your region, our owned erection team will be arranged to construct it for customers directly even if overseas. 

Fast Construction

KXD makes customers’ building dream to become reality within one short time and less budget. After all construction machines and tools ready, we use a system approach and pre-engineered products that perfectly fit together. Mostly it takes 4 ~10 weeks for the complete design and production of your buildings. Erection will be made by certified builder or our owner construction team in 4~8 weeks, considering the size and complexity of cases. 

Planning Service

For Pre-engineered steel building, we issue steel frame drawing for budget and Tekla drawing for production after obtaining architectural drawing from customer’s consultant. Our R&D team provides you complete unified drawing. 

Long-term cooperation

KXD innovative building solutions serve customers not only today, but during the complete lifetime of buildings. Our aim is to find the best promise for our customers between price and sustainability for an overall efficient building