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Professional Supplier of Flat Pack Container House and Office in Mozambique

General Information 

Project Name: 20ft Flat Packed Container House

Construction Site: South Africa, Mozambique

Project Introduction:

There are 33 units of 20ft container houses shipping to South Africa and Mozambique, which were used as dormitory and site office

Container House Introduction:

1. Size: 20ft

2. Model: Flat Packed House Model

3. Roof & Wall Materials: EPS Sandwich Panel

4. Interior Equipment:  Entrance Door, Window with security mesh, Wire, 

Plumbing, Lights, Sockets, Switches, Sanitary.

Here below is the standard specification of our typical unit: 
Standard measurements of  Modular-Containers: 
External length/Inner length: 6058/5818mm
External width/Inner width: 2438/2198mm
External height/Inner height: 2700/2390mm or 2896/2565mm
Structural Strength
Three-story high stacking, with the following design loads: 
Floors: 250Kg/Sq. M
Roofs (of modules): 150Kg/Sq. M
Walkway: 500Kg/Sq. M
Stairs: 500Kg/Sq. M
Walls: Wind at 150 Km /Hour
Thermal insulation: 
Floor: 0.34W/Sq. M/° C
Walls: 0.20W/Sq. M/° C
Roofs: 0.30W/Sq. M/° C

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