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Cooling Room (-5°C /+8°C)

-5°C / +8°C is one of the most common temperature ranges for the cold storages. This temperature range covers +2°C / +8°C which is generally defined as chiller room. According to product type that will be stored in the cold rooms, the critical temperature level is determined and set. We manufacture and build chiller rooms to be used for many different product types.  In the chiller room fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and poultry products, milk and milk products, fresh fish and sea foods, bakery, medical drugs and chemicals are preserved.

Frozen Storage (-18°C / -25°C)

 Frozen storage also known as freezer rooms where temperatures are set as -18°C / -21°C. During these temperatures the microbial growth of the products are totally stopped while enzymatic and non-enzymatic changes continue with a very slow rate.
The foods shall be preserved in freezer rooms (Deepfreeze Storage Rooms) after blast freezing process which is a quick-freezing carried out at -40oC. In the freezer rooms plenty different products are stored such as Frozen Fruits, Vegetables, Frozen Meats, Chicken, Fish and Frozen Bakery, Frozen foods, etc. The recommended temperature for ice cream storage is -25°C while other products can be stored -18°C / -21°C. Frozen food varieties have increased in recent years and frozen storage warehouses are also becoming very common in all over the world. 

Blast Freezing (-35°C / -40°C)

Blast freezing is the process of cooling until obtaining core heat of product with a temperature of -18°C.  This quick-freezing process is conducted in the -35°C / -40°C rooms. When the core heat of the product reached to -18°C, products are transferred to frozen storage rooms. -35°C / -40°C Blast Freezing is not used for storage purposes; it is only for Blast-Freezing. Important point for these rooms is that choosing proper cooling device. In order to choosing proper cooling device; product type, amount, entrance temperature, room dimensions and targeted Blast-Freezing time has to be taken into consideration. It is significant to keep Blast-Freezing time short to maintain long self-life of the products. We built plenty of blast freezing rooms taking into consideration minor details of your projects and installed the blast-freezing facilities for quite different industries such as fish, ice cream, red meat, poultry and vegetables.

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How We Make A Difference

We can help you with the entire food warehousing or cold storage construction process from land development, drawings and diagrams, through to construction.

   We understand the details of refrigerated warehouse construction such as thermal breaks, vapor barriers, layered concrete. These details are familiar to all of our employees because we have been design-building for decades.

   You are close to the material source because we order the materials from the manufacturer such as steel, panels, liners, roofing, and accessories. These components have not been marked up several times by the presence of a middle man.

   Our years of experience in cold storage construction has made us an authority on the subject of refrigerated construction. This is why we are the preferred cold construction contractor in China.

Building Application: 
We can build cold storage and commercial warehouse for this following applications,

Food Service 
Food Distribution 
Logistical Warehouse Center 
Clean Rooms 
Medical Storage Rooms. 
Laboratory Rooms
Medical Storage 
Dry Storage 
Fresh Market