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Container house as one temporary portable house of homes 

The flat pack modular house is the star product of my country's temporary construction. Steel frame material, as a newly built composite house in recent years, not only has the characteristics of convenient construction, convenient movement, superior fire proof and heat insulation performance, and long service life, but also does not produce any construction waste and does not change the geological environment of the house. 

Prefab houses are generally used for multi-story (2-3 floors) and high-rise buildings with a height of less than 15 meters, such as mobile offices, construction site dormitories, medical and health, leisure and entertainment, education, residential villas, mobile public security stations, temporary headquarters, etc. Temporary exhibition halls are mostly built with packaging boxes, which brings great convenience and thoughtful service to people's life and office.

The flat packed prefab house is a welded structure. The frame is pressed from a special steel plate. The side panels have special sound insulation and heat insulation fillers, which can play the role of heat insulation, sound insulation, cold protection and fire prevention. Non-combustible, non-mold, non-worm-eaten and durable. The service life of the structure is 70 years. Sanding paint or galvanized paint can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of components, and the service life of the cabinet room can reach more than 30 years.

Building frame material 

1.Roof system: 100mm thickness glass wool blanket+ single skin PPGI metal sheet+ hanging ceiling 

2.Floor system: 18mm thickness cement fiber board + 2mm PVC floor surface + stable square pipe 

3.Maintenance system: window in types of casement, pivoting or sliding aluminum, doors in types of roller shutter, sliding or swing. 

4.Wall system: 100mm thickness rock wool sandwich panel + double surface 0.5mm PPGI metal sheet, 

5.Frame system: steel material Q235, thickness 2.3~3.5mm for top and base frame and column, with epoxy painting two coats. 

6.Fittings: 8 standard container corner, thickness: 6mm Q235 steel with epoxy painting two coats. 

7.Forklift openings: size 100 x 250mm, distance is 1200mm 

Except for the construction, complete decorations also can be made by us, the basic necessaries public facilities can provided, like lavatory, laundry room, clinics, kitchen room. Our purpose is to make your life perfect and convenient. 

The application of prefabricated container house is for camp living house, workers dormitory, living quarters, canteens, ticket counter, temperature office building, hospitals, classroom, temporary homes, equipment houses, cold rooms. 



1、 standard size is 6055*2435*2896mm. or modified into 2990mm width.

2、 forklift hole is optional.

3、 shipment: 6x20ft container house can load into 1x40HQ, 

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