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Professional Supplier of Prefab Living Houses in Kenya

Floor Plan:  three bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, two bathrooms and one storage room.

Steel Framework: roof truss+steel framework

Roof: Corrugated steel sheet in the thickness of 0.5mm or other specifications

Inner Ceiling: Steel Insulated Panel/PVC Panel/Integrated Ceiling

Wall System: Gypsum board + Wall Panel +decorative materials+ Putty and Painting

Exterior Wall Painting: Stone Painting/Exterior Painting

Interior Partition Wall: Wall Panel + decorative materials +Putty and Painting

Interior Floor: ceramic tiles/wooden floor

Windows: Plastic steel window/Aluminum-alloy window

Doors: wooden door, steel door

Other accessories: kitchen cabinet, washing basin, shower, toilet, electricity and water-drainage, lamp, etc

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