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Professional Supplier of Integrated Camp in China 

KXD steel can supply integrated camp solution, which is mainly divided into two types: the prefabricated mobile board houses and the container houses, which are composed of light steel framework and color steel composite panels. According to customer needs, materials such as EPS color steel composite board, glass silk wool color steel composite board, rock wool color steel composite board and PU color steel composite board can be used as wall materials, which can be disassembled and reused for many times. Because the parts are all in Prefabricated in our own factory, easy to install, can save customers a lot of material costs and labor costs 

General Information 



Construction site. Office building. Woker living house. School. Canteen. Recreation room.

Washing room, Laundry room, Chicken farm. warehouse.

Outdoor temporary Dormitory. Lobby. Office. Bathroom.

Installation/Loading Time:

Each worker can assemble 20-30 square meters every day.

6 worker can finish 300sqm prefab house in 2 days.

Loading: 320 square meters can be loaded in one 40 feet shipping(used 50mm wall panel,20mm roof tile)

For clients information:

It will be very much helpful if clients can provide the following information:

a. Design drawing or layout plan if you have.

b. The dimension: length, width, height, windows and doors dimensions, etc.

c. The function of building, and if need, the interior equipment etc.

d. The class of building: one, two or three story.

e. Special requirement on function: such as water system, electricity installation, or other requirements etc

Brief Description

1) All steel fabric parts and the size of prefab house can be made according to clients' requirement.

2) The prefab house is low cost, durable structure, convenient relocation , and environment-protection,

3) The material of prefab house is light and easily to installation. one 50 square meter house five workers 1-3days finished installation, save manpower and time.

4) All the materials of prefab house can cycle-use, Meeting the require of environment protection in the world. Special is in the large-scale house projects in the developed region.

5) We used the high quality galvanized sheet and foam as the materials of the wall and roof .So the prefab house is good for fire proofing, water proofing, etc

6) Support frame system of steel prefab house: Q235B China stander steel structural. Square tube, Channel steel, etc


Product Description

LoadingCan be shipping as ISO container
StructureSteel base: Q235, hot galvanized. 2mm power coated steel as main beam and 1.5mm steel as second beam
Column: 3mm steel, Q235, hot galvanized, power coated
Steel corner with hole: Q235, hot galvanized, power coated
Roof system: Q235, hot galvanized. 3mm power coated steel as main beam and 1.5 mm steel as second beam.
Wall panel50mm Glass wool sandwich panel/EPS
Roofcolor steel sheet as roof sheet+40mm glass wool insulation+ ceiling
Floor16mm MgO Panel, with 2mm vinly sheet 
WindowAlu Sliding window 
Size:as requested
DoorSteel door, with handle lock and keys. 
External size:as requested
Electrical system1 electrical distribution, 2 industrial plug, 2 lights, 2  switches, 3 sockets (with A/C socket), 
electrical wire (220V/50Hz)
Temperaturesuitable temperature.-50°C~+50°C
OthersFurniture and appliance are customized-made to your requirements(additional cost)
Floor load0.5KN/square meter
Roof load1.5KN/square meter
Wind resistanceGrade 11(wind speed≤111.5km/h)

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