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How long does it take to build the steel structure?

General steel structure installation of the whole engineering construction process, generally divided into steel structure construction preparation link, engineering construction link, completion of the project acceptance link three large.

Among them, the preparation in advance is also very complicated, mainly to carry out the required raw materials, staff, places, special tools, to ensure that the construction of more efficient and faster. The engineering construction link includes raw material traffic inspection, progress quality management, contract visa processing, payment progress, etc., are the engineering construction link of steel structure installation, so the engineering construction link works the most. The final is to complete the project inspection, after the completion of the activity board room, to the residential boss for project inspection, check whether the contract is standard.

How long does it take for steel structure engineering to be installed? The total area of steel structure is different, the architectural design is different, the number of overlapping layers is different, and the total number of engineering construction is different, which endangers the construction time of the project. Therefore, if you want to make steel structure, you can contact the steel structure site and ask them to quote, and you can get an effective quote under the cycle time of the cost budget.