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Steel structure chicken / duck / cow / sheep / pig house

With the popularity of steel structure in the construction industry, more and more industries choose steel structure plants. The steel structure aquaculture plant has gradually replaced the traditional concrete aquaculture plant, and has been widely recognized by the aquaculture industry. The steel structure farm house is suitable for the breeding industry and has some advantages, which makes it very popular.

Steel structure breeding plant can be divided into poultry steel structure breeding plant and livestock steel structure breeding plant according to different types of animals. Poultry steel structure breeding plant includes: steel structure chicken house, steel structure duck house and steel structure goose house; Livestock steel structure breeding plant includes steel structure pig house, steel structure sheep house and steel structure cattle house.

cow shed

Compared with the traditional concrete breeding plant, all components of the steel structure breeding plant are prefabricated in the factory, and only simple assembly is required on site. Therefore, the structure has good performance, short construction period and strong wind and seismic resistance. In the case of earthquake, typhoon and other disasters, the steel structure can avoid the collapse damage of the farm. The steel structure is relatively light, which can reduce casualties such as collapse and crush. The construction period on site is short, there is basically no wet operation, and there will be no environmental pollution of dust and sewage. The steel structure can be disassembled to facilitate the relocation of the plant. The steel can be recycled to save energy, protect the environment and reduce environmental pollution. Compared with the concrete workshop of the same specification, the steel structure workshop has smaller structural member section and larger building area.

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