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How to reduce the noise of steel stairs

In order to enhance the visual effect of the building, many people will choose to use steel stairs, mainly because the product is strong, high plasticity, and convenient construction. However, there will be some noise in stairs. Here are the methods to reduce the noise of steel structure.

1. A layer of solid wood pedal can be paved on the steel structure stairs, because the solid wood has a good sound absorption and noise reduction effect, and can be used according to the decoration style and actual needs.

2. A perforated sound-absorbing board can be laid on the stair tread, which can absorb part of the noise.

3. Laying floor tiles can also achieve the effect of reducing noise, but before laying floor tiles, a layer of building formwork and sound insulation cushion should be added to the steel structure, and then the floor tiles should be laid with fine sand gravel concrete.

4. Install a layer of sound-absorbing cotton under the stair tread to absorb part of the noise.

5. The noise can be reduced by pouring concrete on the stair step.